Windy Acres Interactive
What's going on here???

This site will allow you to view and interact with our chickens and ducks. Once you log in via Facebook, you will be granted a feed button which will magically dispense mealworms for everyone to eat.

Please log into Facebook to get the ability to feed mealworms.

Live Video Feed

Currently only 1 camera is active. This camera is in the chicken coop looking at one of the chickens that is sitting on some eggs that should hatch soon.

Where are the chickens/ducks?

It's hard to tell

While there is a fence around the run, we let everyone out so they can roam on the pasture fields. Here is a general area that they roam. The '0' marks the location of the coop.

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Purchasing Information


Eggs: Feel free to call or email for a quote on egg orders.
1-Dozen Chicken = $3.00
18-cnt Chicken = $4.00
1-Dozen Duck = $5.00

Chickens or Ducks: Chickens and Ducks are sold on a case by case basis, so please contact us for information.